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==> You promote your Lead Capture Page link (like mine above...they give us many others too)
==> People optin in to watch the video
==> Our system sends follow up emails to them looking like it came from you
==> They buy Basic and pay you $15 instantly
==> They log into their back office and eventually click the yellow box to see your business
==> A percentage will upgrade to Pro and pay you $100 instantly
==> A percentage of people will join your main business and you make even more money
==> They start getting leads like you are and they are now a builder on your team
==> This process keeps repeating it self over and over again as new people join your team
==> You are making money daily as your team grows


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Note: The first 6 links above are for the main nutritional products (from Anovite) I use and share with others, below
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